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What is the creepiest question you ever asked someone?

Because it feels a mite impersonal to open a blog with an impersonal review, or new release news, or whatnot.


A blogger asked me this question recently, during an interview, and it spawned an hours discussion with my adorably filthy wife about the most humorous answer. I won't tell you what I settled on, but I'll give you a few runner ups.


"Do you know any good ways to get blood out of underwear?"


"Would you rather chew my arm off, or have me chew off yours?"


"How many maggots can be in it before it's unsuitable for dinner guests?"


Those are the (mostly) work safe ones. It got loads worse, and in the interests of knowing how insane I am, I just have to ask... What is the creepiest question you ever asked someone, or wanted to ask someone?